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Remember Who You Are

Remembering who you are means to reconnect with your past in order to more fully manifest in the present. Whether it’s by finding your specific connection to Africa, or celebrating those who represent and inspire Black excellence, this blog is all about discovering your roots, deepening your awareness and releasing a whole new sense of pride in you and your family.

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Angela Young

PatriClan Test Kit


PatriClan Test Kit

Tradina Waller
African Ancestry Patri Clan Kit

My Patri Clan Kit arrived on time. Instructions were easy to understand. The only thing I didn't like is that i was not able to add the kit to my Matri Clan account. Now I have to log into two different accounts to retrieve my results.

Twyla Mcallister
This feels Unreliable

I haven’t received my order still. I have checked with usps & they have no information on the tracking number that was given to me. I haven’t been able to track this order at all. Neither usps or this company has been able to tell me that status of my package( which is not cheap & should have better customer service & tracking status information). I ordered this product 3 weeks ago & I have no clue what is going on with my purchase, not even any emails from this company to confirm or ensures the safety of sensitive information, being this is a DNA test.

John Parker
I ordered two kits a PatriClan & a MatriClan, im still waiting for one

I ordered two kits a PatriClan & a MatriClan, im still waiting to share the gift with my wife. The MatriClan Kit hasn't even been sent out yet.