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STONO & The African-American tradition of “Stepping”

    Speak. Step. Teach. ✊🏽 When we lost the right to use our drums we turned to our bodies as our primary percussive instruments. These percussive movements gave rise to some of our most distinctive art forms, including the ring shout, tap, hambone, and stepping. Stepping is a highly energetic percussive art form rich with song and dance rituals performed in large part by African-American fraternities and sororities.   The videos here are from Step Afrika!'s 2020 virtual performance series entitled "STONO." @stepafrika, a professional dance company based in Washington, D.C., connected the dots between the stepping of today...

Celebrating International Peace Day

Celebrating International Peace Day International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world on September 21. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides an opportunity to commit to being at peace with one another, to explore the meaning of peace within ourselves, and to create a more peaceful world. Check out African Ancestry family members, Common and Black Thought speak on it in “Say peace.” Take a listen.

How Much Do You Know About Africa?

We had so much fun playing the Africa Memory Game with Paulette Mpouma! While she created the game as an educational tool that is also fun and easy to help children increase their knowledge of the history, geography, and culture of different African countries, the game is enjoyable for all ages! She has created over 12 games, including the At Your Fingertips game, which highlights specific countries in Africa. Her company's diverse offerings include games, books, puzzles, dolls and other collectibles. She is an entrepreneur who responsibly sources her products and empowers artisans across the Continent.

The Emergence Of Black Buddhism

Did you miss our LIVE on September 8, 2021?  Author and Meditation Teacher, Kate Johnson, joined us to share about the emergence of Black Buddhism in the west as a path to liberation and wholeness and other topics from her new book, Radical Friendship, which amplifies the Buddha’s teachings on Spiritual Friendship.