Johana Bonnell, Afro-Colombian. Bubi People.

"My name is Johana (Joäna). I was born in Cali, Colombia but raised in Seattle. I traced my lineage and I share African Ancestry with the Bubi Tribe of Equatorial Guinea.

This was amazing to find out about my lineage, because it's the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa; being Afro-Colombian, it was a great commonality.

Afro-Colombian day is particularly important to me because it finally shows the world Colombians who look like me represented; and representation where I had not seen it before-growing up in Seattle.

This day is extremely important because it highlights and showcases the contributions of my ancestors and it represents the current Afro-Colombian population and their attributes to the culture through music, food, folklore, and so much more!"

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Happy Afro-Colombian Day!

On this May 21, 2021, we celebrate Afro-Colombian Day. We understand Afro-Colombian Day to be a day of celebrating the artistic, intellectual, and social contributions of Afro-Colombians in Colombia. We also recognize Afro-Colombians throughout the world. 

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