Labor Day Was Won By African-Americans

Labor Day Was Won By African-Americans

Wishing the entire family a joyful Labor Day.

And yes, it's true. Labor Day was won by African-Americans.

Did you know Alex Haley’s Father was a Pullman Porter?

Do you know about the work of A. Philip Randolph and the Pullman Porters?

What about Chicago's Inside Committee?

What do you know of their African roots?

We already know John Lewis is a descendant of the Mende people of Sierra Leone. Here he stands tall with A. Philip Randolph in Washington D.C.

Does anyone know the African roots of A. Philip Randolph? Of Milton P. Webster?

Wish we could trace their DNA and add recognition of their African Ancestry to how we celebrate them and their contributions to our freedom today.

Were they Tikar?
Hausa? Yoruba? Bubi?
Mandinka? Fula? Balanta?
Tuareg? Teke? Biaka?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.