We know African DNA

As the pioneers of genetic ancestry tracing for Black people globally, we can reconnect you to your specific African roots–the country and the people. Our strength is based on owning the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of African DNA.

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Why We're Different

Specific African country
and tribe results

Great project for the whole family

Largest database of
African genetic sequences

15x larger than other companies

Your Identity. Your Legacy.

The African Ancestry experience is a powerful and transformative experience.

  • Track the status of your test

  • Get your results delivered digitally

  • Discover your genetic sequence and information such as haplogroups

  • Find your country and tribe of origin with our Certificate Of Ancestry

  • Learn about your ancestors with our “Guide to African History and Cultures”

  • Share your results with other family members

  • Get exclusive access to our Facebook Community

  • Expand the way you see yourself

  • Reconnect to your African ancestors

  • Create a legacy for future generations

Easy, Secure, Painless, and Shareable

You or a family member takes a simple cheek swab and sends it back to us.

We analyze your DNA, compare it to our database, then destroy your sample.

We determine your present-day country and ethnic tribe in Africa.

Then share your results with other family members on the same lineage.

Celebrate Your Blackness

From the people who have paved the way to the places that inspire us to the spaces that have become sacred.

Remember Who You Are

This the moment you find your greatest power.


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