African Ancestry: What We're Not About To Do Is Sell Data

#WhatWereNotAboutToDoIs... Sell or Share Data! 🙅🏿‍♂️

We know three things are undoubtedly true: 

1. When Black people were stolen from their native lands, they were stripped of many things. Most importantly, we believe, is that they – we – were stripped of our identities. Not only were many of our surnames forcibly replaced with a title of ownership, we lost our connections to the generational ties we once knew. For many of us, we don’t know where our great-great-greats were from. Our connection to the knowledge of where and how they lived have been pilfered. 

2. Some Black people are hesitant to reconnect out of fear that their DNA will be misused in some way. Why? Because historically, it has been. Whitewashed companies and officials have disrespectfully and disingenuously used, tested, or shared genetic material of Black folks without their consent. The stories of Henrietta Lacks and the Tuskegee Airmen come to mind. 


3. Knowing who you are increases and empowers confidence, family connections, future-planning, identity and more. When people can tell you confidently that they are from Ireland or Germany, they can share details of their greats passed down over centuries – that gives them a foundation of the greatness and wonder that lies within their family. We believe that Black people should be able to know that as well, no matter where they’ve lived in the Diaspora. 


    We know these things to be true, because as an 100% Black-owned company, we have identified with these things at one point or another, too. Each one of us has pondered one or more of these three things as we’ve wondered about our lineages and our legacy. We get it, intimately and wholeheartedly, the way no other DNA or genetic testing company can. And... 

    ...We’ve got a solution! 

    That’s why we’re here. Our co-founders, CEO Dr. Gina Paige and Lead Geneticist, Dr. Rick Kittles were on a mission to create a company that would use DNA tracing to reconnect Black people to their present-day African country and ethnic group of ancestry, in a way that made testers feel safe, secure and empowered.  

    Almost two decades later, we’re proud to say that their mission still stands. They’ve both had the desire to trace their lineages – so they created African Ancestry. They’ve found the answer to their own longings to know where their ancestors were from and shared the opportunity to trace their lineages with the 1 million + test takers and counting.  

        Dr Rick Kittles Lead Geneticist at African AncestryDr Gina Paige CEO at African Ancestry

    African Ancestry is the only genetic ancestry company that puts your identity, safety and privacy first. We destroy 100% of your DNA samples. We DO NOT sell or share your genetic information.

    We’re different. We’re the blueprint. 

    Before there were any other modern-day genetic or DNA tracing companies, there was African Ancestry. To this day, we’re the only genetic ancestry company that leads with consent, concern and care. Your identity, safety and privacy come first.  

    “No, we’re not going to help you find your sixth cousin, but that’s because we don’t store the data,” said Dr. Paige.  

    That’s not what we do. With your consent, we safely and securely use your DNA to reconnect you to your roots. When you know where you came from, it can help empower where you will go – and your children, too!  

    Take back your culture. Reclaim your birthright of identity. Connect to your ancestral lineage. Know your roots and get to know the seeds that created the family tree that you know and love today. 

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