Specific Is 100% Better. Really. 🙌🏿

We know African DNA

As the pioneers of genetic ancestry tracing for Black people globally, we can reconnect you to your specific African roots–the country and the people. Our strength is based on owning the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of African DNA... with over 33,000 lineages across 400 ethnic groups.

Why Ancestral Specificity Over Ancestral Makeups?

We create more meaningful connections to Africa and transformative experiences for those searching for a deeper sense of identity. We help you discover the people, cultures, and traditions that truly help you remember and define who you are.

Specific Is 100% Better. Really. 🙌🏿

What we're not about to do is give you percentages of different ancestries from these made-up regions in Africa. We tell you the present-day country and ethnic group or tribe that you share ancestry with on one branch of your family tree. Here's why.


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