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Music is in our DNA (Your Curated Music Playlist Here!)




We hope you’re still enjoying the music high we got from our segment with Dr. Portia K. Maultsby last week. We learned that music really is in our DNA and that our music -- music that comes from African culture has literally empowered and set the tone for so many genres that we know and love today.


See her chart below:

The Evolution of African American Music chart by Dr. Portia K Maultsby

As promised, she didn’t leave us without a dope beat to step to! 😉  

Below she shared curated Black Music Month playlist to enjoy. Her list takes us through a journey of African American history. It starts in the era of slavery and continues through more present-day music, in what we can call the Black Lives Matter Era. 

Turn your speakers up! Get moving and grooving. 

Keep count – how many of these songs do you know? 




The Era of Slavery 


Jim Crow Era


Civil Rights Era 

See also:

Juxtaposition and intersection of "Civil Rights" and "Black Power"

 Black Power ideology spreads among youth/young adults


Additional suggested songs:

Post Civil-Rights / Era of Desegregation: Funk as Social Commentary

In this segment, Dr. Maultsby also shared:




Black Lives Matter


Also in this segment, Kendrick Lamar's "Alright".

Wendi, our African Ancestry Hypewoman and LIVE producer shared ⭐ her pick, too: Liberation (Outkast featuring Cee-lo)

How did y'all feel about this playlist? Some hits, right?! Let us know which one(s) were the most meaningful to you! 

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