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An African Ancestry test impacts the past, present and future.
Knowing who you are is your birthright.
You can use your DNA to answer those questions.

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Who am I?

Your Life

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Know your history. Enhance your story. 

Discover your mother's maternal roots with mtDNA

Discover your father's paternal roots with yDNA

Trace both lines (maternal and paternal) and Save $50

Men Don't Get Enough Credit!

Every man has powerful DNA that can answer questions for the entire family. His genetic makeup – having both mtDNA and the Y chromosome – allows him to trace both his mother’s maternal lineage and father’s paternal lineage.  

African Ancestry celebrates the very special DNA that each man carries. To honor the power you carry, we’re introducing the Why (Y)ou Matter campaign calling for 2,022 Y-Chromosome Test Takers by Father’s Day of 2022.

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How People Have Used Their Results

Share with family

Many others in your family share the same ancestry result.

Travel to Africa 

Now that you know, you can go home.

Change Trajectory

Men have upgraded their life’s work.

Share The Wealth

Help others experience more belonging and purpose.

Enjoy the African Ancestry Family

Meet others who descend from the same people. Build networks.

Trace Multiple Lines 

Your mother’s maternal line and father's paternal line.


Don’t have a Y Chromosome, but want to get involved? 

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Already traced your paternal lineage?
Bless another family! By donating to our sponsor fund, you’ll help another family to know their history as well.

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You can learn your paternal lineage, too. A male test taker in your family can help inform your identity. 

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