Become a Citizen of  Sierra Leone! 

Join us for the African Ancestry Family Reunion® in Sierra Leone - an authentic, culturally immersive experience.

Become a Citizen of Sierra Leone!

Join us for the African Ancestry Family Reunion® in Sierra Leone - an authentic, culturally immersive experience.

Gain Citizenship. Honor Your Ancestors.  

Gain Citizenship. Honor Your Ancestors. 

The African Ancestry Family Reunion® Sierra Leone goes far and beyond your average tourist trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone. We immerse you in the distinct cultures and customs unique to your ancestral lineage throughout the country. Whether you are Limba, Mende and Temne ethnic groups- we create unforgettable reconnections to your ancestral cousins.

This is our 5th family reunion to Sierra Leone where our family members will receive citizenship. As of now, Sierra Leone is the only country in Africa who will extend citizenship to those with a valid, genetic test result from African Ancestry. In partnership with various government officials, Kings and Queens, local communities, businesses and cultural organizations, we will explore history and engage our Sierra Leonean kith and kin authentically, respectfully and with love.

Citizenship in Sierra Leone with African Ancestry is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!

November 22 - Dec. 4, 2023

We look forward to helping you complete this next step in your sacred journey to reconnect to your family’s roots.

"As an adoptee, it was important that I find my identity.
Discovering that I am of the Mafa people of the Extreme North of Cameroon; then visiting and placing my feet on the soil of my ancestor grandmother’s homeland, fills me with pride and makes me feel more connected to myself." 

Wendi Cherry, Masa, Mafa and Kotoko people of Cameroon

"My experience traveling to the land of my Ancestors has been a life-changing experience but knowing that my paternal ancestors came from among the Temne people of Sierra Leone gave me a location and a people that I can return to, that alone gave me a personal experience that made me feel like I never left."

Foday Conteh Kunda, Temne people of Sierra Leone

"For me visiting Africa was purposeful reclamation;
there I was welcomed to reclaim an extremely important part of who I am–Balanta, those who resist!"

Eddie Meeks, Balanta people of Guinea-Bissau