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MatriClan Test
Derek Bevans
Tickled to death

It is wonderful to finally have roots to look back on, thank you for this service you provide.

Mende (maternal)

Thank you Afrikan Ancestry,

You all are truly valued. Thank you for doing what the others don't.

MatriClan Test
Daniel jones
as of june 12 i have received no results from my Matri clan kit so i can't rate

i thank the team for all yall are doing iam hoping that i go to the post office and my result will be there so just staying positive so keep on doing for the peoples hope to here real good news soon peace and love.

MatriClan Test
Verthelia McCoy

I didn't get it. Would you please send it to me again. Thank you

MatriClan Test
Timotheus Minott
Mende Tribe Sierra Leone!!

I was overwhelmed with my MatriClan Test Kit!!
Immediately I started researching my people in the area of Freetown, Bo, and also South Carolina!! I can’t wait to return home and I am studying the language and cultures in preparation!! I will reclaim my birthright, own land and immerse my family in the land and traditions of our ancestors!!

MatriClan Test
Doretha Edwards

Looking forward to knowing my heritage


Very pleased

MatriClan Test
Jeanne Quinn
I'm so appreciative to have this opportunity.

Very simple process.

MatriClan Test
Tracey Brim

I haven't received my results therefore I can't share a review.

MatriClan Test
Aisha Holmes
Matriclan Test Kit

Great product satisfied and delivered timely and changed my life 💜

MatriClan Test
Kelvin Stinyard
I have not received my results

How and when will I receive my results?

Hi Kelvin, great question!

You will receive your results digitally via your status app account. Your due date timeframe is available for viewing via your status app dashboard. Please log into your status app account to review your information at any time.

If you need assistance with accessing your account, please send an email to, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you. Looking forward to you joining the African Ancestry family!

Africa Continent Pendant (small)
Regina McFadden-Jensen

Continent Pendant (Small)

MatriClan Test
Cindy Studymine-Moxley

MatriClan Test Kit

Proud of it

I am particularly proud of the certificate and hope that the ancestors know how much I revere them as I add this certificate to my collection of memorabilia and family documents.

PatriClan Test Kit
David S Bracetti
Quick delivery

Test kit was delivered quicker than expected. Instruction on how to give a swab sample was easy to follow.

MatriClan Test Kit - Africa Forever Challenge - 10% off applied
Ronald Rivers

The test was very straight forward to take but to receive the results is bit longer than I expected.

MatriClan Test
Kenneth Henry
Initial thought

It was easy and straightforward.

MatriClan Test
Yvette Coleman Coleman

MatriClan Test Kit

MatriClan Test
Regina Birmingham
The test was quick and easy

The day I received my test, I immediately took the test and sent it back the same day. So far, I have not received notice or confirmation that you've received my test at your lab. It's been several weeks since I sent it.

Hi Regina, thank you for your feedback! You can keep up to date with your journey via your Status App account. Your account is where all updated communications populate. If you have any questions or need assistance with accessing your account, please send an email to and one of our agents will be happy to assist. Welcome to the African Ancestry family!

MatriClan Test
William N Washington
MatriClan Test Kit

The Kit arrived on time. The instruction was clear. The Kit content were in appropriate envelopes

PatriClan Test Kit - Africa Forever Challenge - 10% off applied
Kevin Dorsey

I was really excited how quickly the PatriClan kit arrived. I’ve been so intrigued for so many years about my family’s history and now I will have answers! The instructions were simple and I sealed and mailed it off. Anticipating the day 🫶🏾✊🏾

MatriClan Test
Terry Anderson
Where Are My Test Results?

The actual test was fine, when do I get the results?

Cameroon Shirt

The shirt was too big/size Medium.

Thank you.

I thought it was fun, & simple!

Thank you for sharing, Timothy! Looking forward to you joining the African Ancestry family!

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