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The African Ancestry Identity Box

Take the first step in your ancestry journey.

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Immerse Yourself in the Culture

If you are looking to discover more about yourself and the Black experience but are not quite ready to take one of our tests, the African Ancestry Identity Box is the perfect introduction to your ancestry journey.

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  • Brush up on what you didn't learn in school.
  • Low-cost, no DNA option for those interested in Black history & culture
  • Intergenerational activity that is both fun and educational for the whole family
  • Explore the significance of having African roots and celebrate the essence of who you are

Open and Learn

With fun and educational tools included, the African Ancestry Identity Box helps you celebrate the very essence of who you are.

What’s In The Box

RWYA Study Guide

Interactive exercises and journal topics to spark conversation and expand your knowledge of Africa

Black History Flashcards

52-card set from our cousins at Urban Intellectuals with stories of Black achievement (Pre-1942)

Master Chef Recipes

cards from top chefs across the Diaspora showcasing dishes that are rooted in African heritage

RWYA Art Cards

Postcards showcasing artists within the African Ancestry Family to remind us of our identity and culture

Identity Journal

Personal space for all your notes and reflections—customize your pages with the Identity Stickers included

Identity Pin & Discount

Enamel pin with DNA strand and discount code on your next maternal and/or paternal ancestry test kit

The African Ancestry Identity Box is a great step forward in your ancestry journey.

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Reclaim Your Legacy.

Use African Ancestry to reconnect with your long-lost tribe. Start with our easy and secure in-home Genetic Test Kits.