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Send flowers and a MatriClan Kit this Mother's Day.

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Lee’s Flower and Card Shop & African Ancestry

We’re honored to partner with Lee’s Flower and Card Shop, the oldest Black-owned flower shop in Washington DC. Sisters Stacie Lee Banks & Kristie Lee are continuing the legacy of their grandparents that began on U Street 75 years ago. As Mother’s Day approaches, I think of their grandmother and how proud she must be.

My mother’s garden was planted among the Fulani women in Nigeria over 2000 years ago. Her beautiful garden flourished for centuries when one day -- her blossoms were ripped away and the seeds scattered in places all over the world. As the only Black woman to own a genetic ancestry tracing company, I am a proud example of their strength and resilience.

Your maternal ancestor lives in you … find out where she’s from.

- Dr. Gina Paige

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  • Offer exclusive to the DMV.
  • Learn the African tribe of your maternal ancestors
  • Share the results with everyone on your maternal line
  • Maintain your genetic privacy
  • Support companies led by Black women