Last week, we met up with Eddie Meeks, Esq., who has had wonderful experiences birthed from knowing his heritage. He joined us on African Ancestry LIVE, which we host weekly on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. with our Co-Founder and CEO, Gina Paige. Eddie shared his journey of learning his heritage, travelling to his maternal and paternal lands and extending the legacy.  Since the age of 13, Eddie has studied Africa and wanted to dig deeper into his identity. He strived to learn more about his paternal lineage and took the African Ancestry PatriClan Test to gain knowledge about the...

Ricky Adamus, Afro-Colombian. Umbundu People.

My name is Ricky. I was born to an Afro-Latino father and Euro-Latina mother.  I traced my lineage and I share paternal African Ancestry with Umbundu people in Angola today. Our family immigrated to the USA four months after I was born in 1968.  Living in Texas, the Colombian community was close and had many shades so I  associated myself with my nationality and not a race.

Johana Bonnell, Afro-Colombian. Bubi People.

My name is Johana. I was born in Cali, Colombia but raised in Seattle. I've traced my lineage and share African Ancestry with the Bubi Tribe of Equatorial Guinea. This was amazing to find out about my lineage, because it's the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa; being Afro-Colombian, it was a great commonality.