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Last week, during our weekly Team Cypher, our co-founder, Gina Paige asked us to all submit a song that we felt represented our team here at African Ancestry. While small, our team is a diverse bunch of people of many different backgrounds, generations, perspectives, ages and even cities – much like the Diaspora that we advocate for each and every day. 

We wanted to give you guys a slice of our team – a varied list of songs from some of our members featuring difference genres and eras that we think represent our team and work best. 

At the end, we’d love to hear what songs you think represent African Ancestry! Share in the comments 😊  

African Ancestry Office Staff standing under a tent together outside on a sunny day


Gina, Co-founder and CEO 

DNA by Kendrick Lamar 

“I chose this because it’s a banger! The bounce and the lyrics force you to listen and embrace the story that he talks about who he is through his DNA. Every day, African Ancestry helps Black people celebrate the scientific, historical and cultural stories inside their DNA.” 


Tasia, Customer Service 

Stand By Me by Ben E. King 

“I chose this song because working hand in hand with African Ancestry family members, they often let us know how grateful they are with the new found knowledge and how close they feel to their ancestors after receiving their report. They often share experiences -spiritual, physical, etc.- that they've had before finding out their lineage and the result solidifies the connection they have always felt. So, I felt this song expresses the comfort and strength we get from our ancestors who have moved on but are still watching over us.” 


Nichole, Head of PR 

Wake Up Everybody by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes 

"I chose this song because it's a strong call to action to get/stay enlightened, which is what calls us to do about our ancestors and Africa." 


Bria, Marketing Manager 

La Diaspora by Nitty Scott, Emcee feat. Zap Mama  

“This song celebrates the beautiful diversity within the Diaspora. Yes, we’re all Black and originate from Africa but we’ve built roots and identities throughout the world as a part of our ancestral journey. The artist talks about her background as an African American from Brooklyn, NY and Puerto Rico, by way of her maternal lineage. I think her background and celebration of all Blackness across the Diaspora represents our team in a nutshell. We’re from all over, but we come together with a common goal: uplifting and honoring Blackness and our African Ancestry. Plus, the song is full of dance and life which embodies our love for movement and identity as Black people.”  


Wendi, African Ancestry LIVE Producer 

Already by Beyonce  

"I chose the song because it is a great reminder for us to shine unapologetically!  We have the key to unlock the mystery of our ancestry and change the trajectory of how we see ourselves and Africa. It’s time…already.  


Stanley, Lead Scientist 

Incarcerated Scarface (The Hook) by Raekwon 

Coming from someone in the lab working on the research for people’s DNA, the lines “Now, yo, yo, what up, yo? Time is runnin' out.It's for real, though, let's connect,” feel right. We’re running out of time to know who we are.  


Simone, Head of Operations, Data Analytics and Co-head of Technology 

 Cloud 9 by Donnie 

“It talks about the power of our crown and how it connects us to a higher power. It encourages us to embrace Blackness with pride.”  


Don’t forget to share your song. What song represents African Ancestry to you? Share below! 


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