"I have found my roots through African Ancestry and am excited to say I am of Nigerian descent. I have a homeland!"
Dot Rice
African Ancestry Family Member (via Facebook)
"The moment @AfricanAncestry reveals the tribe, so beautiful! Like snatching the family legacy back from the slave owner and those tears you shed when you find out, you finally know where home is =)"
(via Twitter @ChicNSmart)
"Next month will be life changing, I'm doing my @AfricanAncestry DNA test, can't wait."
Eva Mende
(via Twitter @evasworld)
"The entire African Ancestry experience moved me in ways that I cannot adequately express in words. The unveiling of my ancestral connections ranks right up there with witnessing the birth of my children, the difference was that I was the one being (re)born. If you don't know your history you can't trace the trajectory of God's plan for your life and His plan for your family. God bless you African Ancestry."
Pastor Kenneth Edward Copeland
African Ancestry Family Member
"I just want to say thank you African Ancestry for helping me to find my past. Knowing my past has given me peace. Now I can say that I am both Mbensele of Cameroon and Native American. I can pass this knowledge to my daughter, again thank you African Ancestry."
Sidney Glover
African Ancestry Family Member
"In 2006, I made my first trip to the Motherland. When I returned to America, I decided that I needed to know where I came from. This was truly one of the greatest and proudest moments of my life. I made copies of the certificates and laminated them to show my family and friends - I walk with my copies everyday. Thank you for affording myself and others the opportunity to get to know our "Roots.""
Sheena Bouchet
African Ancestry Family Member
"From childhood to adulthood, my past only whispered truth upon truth and now I have the scientific proof to attest for it! Nigerian-Ghanian American, no longer just a generic African-American!"
Cedrick White
African Ancestry Family Member