"Since I was a kid, I said that this is my purpose in my life - to entertain, to have an effect on people's lives with my work. And to now know that there's direct lineage to the artists of Africa, my life and work has been validated, so thank you!"
Anthony Anderson
Actor, Comedian
"Discovering my African roots was - hands down - the most transformative event in my life and African Ancestry was like a passionate, capable tour guide during the journey. Their guidance and expertise enhanced my experience every step of the way."
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Actress, Author, Activist
"The images of Africa that we receive are often limited and negative. So it is not surprising that African Americans don't have a positive connection to the continent. Now thanks to DNA, African Americans can finally find out what region of Africa their ancestors were from. It was a revelation for me and my family to finally discover part of our ancestry."
Spike Lee
Director, Writer, Producer
"We all should know where we come from, this way we’ll know where we’re going. It gives you a sense of pride and definition as to who you are, it is the one thing that can’t be taken from us. Sacrifice and take the plunge and make your find, we did and it is something to pass to the family members."
African Ancestry Family Member (via Facebook)
"I just found out my results! So amazed at the detail of the information. Now to get my shirt and research more about the people and country I'm from."
African Ancestry Family Member (via Facebook)
"Learning my maternal lineage has been profoundly enlightening to myself, my daughters, mother, aunts and so forth. I learned my ancestors are great artisans, royalty, and warriors of great strength and skill. I can now pass this on to my children and they can remind themselves as I do - I am born Songhai, queen, artist, warrior, and wise. I love that."
"The @AfricanAncestry experience is life changing. Our family’s Fulani, my mother collected artifacts not knowing."
(via Twitter @hiyaahpower)