"The moment @AfricanAncestry reveals the tribe, so beautiful! Like snatching the family legacy back from the slave owner and those tears you shed when you find out, you finally know where home is =)"
(via Twitter @ChicNSmart)
"I have found my roots through African Ancestry and am excited to say I am of Nigerian descent. I have a homeland!"
Dot Rice
African Ancestry Family Member (via Facebook)
"I was motivated to take the test because I wanted to know I have a starting point from [the American side]. We have a long lineage from Memphis and Alabama so I knew that, but I didn't know the [African] side. It's cool to have a starting point to bring them together."
Singer and Songwriter
"My husband and I were both incredibly excited and proud to find out more about our family roots. For anyone who is interested in their family genealogy and curious to know more about what part of Africa their ancestry is from, then I would say this is a great tool for tracing your family history."
B. Smith
Lifestyle Expert and Host of the nationally syndicated show, B. Smith with Style
"I am moved more than I ever thought I would be. We are empowered by details and this small fact is a significant detail in my life and brings with it such inner dignity. I am forever linked to my beginnings and I have always felt something very special about being in Africa when I visit the continent."
John Hope Bryant
Activist, Author, Founder of Operation HOPE
"What we need now is for people to get deeply involved in one particular country or region or culture, and [using African Ancestry's services] certainly is one way that anybody can decide that this is where I want to work."
The Honorable Andrew Young
Statesman Businessman and Humanitarian
"[The knowledge that African Ancestry provided] has given me a sense of community and satisfied a lifelong curiosity. The knowledge has given me a better understanding of the person I've become."
Blair Underwood