Trace Your DNA. Find Your Roots.

Using the power of DNA and the most comprehensive database of indigenous African genetic sequences in existence, African Ancestry is the ONLY company that can trace your ancestry back to a specific present-day African country of origin, and often to specific African ethnic groups dating back more than 500 years ago. If the results are from another continent, that information will be provided.


Purchase your maternal and/or paternal test kit from our online store. You’ll receive your test kit within 7 – 10 business days.


When you receive your test kit, simply swab the inside of your cheek using the swabs provided and return your DNA sample in confidential packaging, via the prepaid envelope supplied.
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Once we receive your DNA sample, our laboratory extracts your DNA’s genetic sequence. Then scientists compare your sequence to the largest database of African genetic sequences in existence.


Approximately 6-8 weeks after you submit your DNA sample, you'll receive your results package with your Certificate of Ancestry, and from there your journey into self discovery truly begins.
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Your DNA sample is kept completely confidential. Every sample in our lab is identified by a bar code and no personal information is shared.

Discover Your Maternal and Paternal Lineage.
Find your roots on your mother’s side more than 500 years ago. The MatriClan Test traces maternal ancestry by analyzing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) women and men inherit exclusively from their mothers. Men AND women can take this test.

In fact, you share the same mtDNA as your mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so on. Therefore, your results are the same for your siblings, maternal aunts and uncles, maternal cousins, etc.

For women, your results are also the same for your children and your daughter’s children.

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Find your roots on your father’s side more than 500 years ago. The PatriClan Test traces paternal ancestry by analyzing the Y chromosome men inherit exclusively from their fathers.

Since only men carry a Y chromosome, women CANNOT take the PatriClan Test. But luckily, women may trace their paternal lineage by having a male relative from their father’s side take the test for them.

The results of his PatriClan Test will be the same for his father, grandfather, children, siblings, brother’s children, paternal aunts and uncles, etc.

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